Broken organization is tempting but not an option

Flat tire AAA assistance
Flat tire AAA assistance yesterday.


Flat tire AAA assistance
AAA rep marked the bad thread.


Flat tire AAA assistance
The bad thread. Lug nut miraculously came off, otherwise it would have not been drivable.


Broken organization is tempting, but not an option.

i was 90 miles from home on a college campus visit near Tampa. Upon arrival, a tire went flat. i was also expected back home in three hours; quick trip.

  • Having a spare
  • Having AAA insurance
  • Having the three-month old receipt for the four brand new tires
  • Having initiative to let the College President know i’ll need to address this during our meeting

Take out one of the above and the unexpected situation gets harder.

Remove any two, harder still.

Three, and it’s literally a meltdown.




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