Are we willing to do this one thing to make our lives move forward?

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It’s good to be full of compromise. Really.


Are we willing to do this one thing to make our lives move forward?


Perhaps it’s the only thing that will save relationships, marriages, companies, lives.

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  1. Jeff,

    In reading your comments, at first glance I was hesitant to accept the comment. I have been taught through the professional world and in management classes over the years that compromise is simply both sides agreeing to accept what neither wanted. It has been engrained in my head that compromise is a bad word. To compromise meant to lose.

    Then I remembered something my pastor said a few years ago that put me back in my place. He was talking at a men’s conference about his relationship with his wife and said, “When we first got married, I had to always be right. And amazingly, that didn’t work too well. I had to weigh each situation and realize that I was more concerned about winning than our relationship. So I decided that sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right.” That’s compromise bathed in love.


  2. Bob, what a wonderful testament and validation.

    It’s classic lose the battle to win the war.

    The war we fight is with the devil and being selfish.

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