Age can be crazy generous with many, many seasons

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Age can be crazy generous with many, many seasons


There are seasons to everything.

Being organized.

Taking risks.

Feeling overwhelmed.

Celebrating life’s simple joys.

Is it feeling like Springtime for taking risks?


You could be on the cusp of something amazing.

Something that will change you forever and bring untold blessings.

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  1. I have a team member I’m sharing this with. He’s on the verge of discovery. It could change him and his future and it will change me. . . a pivotal point in going from manager to leader.

    Thanks for the reminder to be awesome, Mr. Awesome!

  2. David, the first victory is over self. The first reminder goes to the person in the mirror.

    For it would seem that only the inspired inspire.

    Keep inspiring yourself to inspire others.

    Life is not a dress rehearsal.

    Live like you mean it!

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