Will we change or will we become antiquated?

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Last night buying a gallon of milk and some other items


Technology is changing everything.

Wether we use it or not.

And anyone can publish a book.

But will they?

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  1. I believe that most people will not publish a book because they believe no one will buy it. And, in my opinion, that’s the wrong reason. There are so many options to traditional publishing that anyone can do it.

    As with any life changing moment, taking the first step allows for the second and all the consecutive steps to happen.

  2. David, anyone can. Yet it does require (serious, thoughtful, dedicated) effort, the first of which is to write the book. The second is the (most likely) arduous process of making it easily available to the world.

    The third challenge is figure out how to let the world know. And by world, I mean the whole world. 🙂

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