Of course, i would like her to say…

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John Wiley and Sons was founded in 1807.


One week ago the email from Wiley inquired if i would be interested in talking about publishing with them.




But i immediately tempered the opportunity, rather than getting excited.


In reality, it’s likely just an Editor fishing for opportunities. Similar to America’s Got Talent auditioning tons of hopefuls. Wiley, like any other business, relies on sales, and sales rely on products (and/or services). Books are their product.

Makes sense when you think about it. They have to hustle for business the same as everyone else.

The only difference here is that they came to me first. 😀

We had a productive and fun chat.

In yesterday’s call, i introduced Jeanenne to my goal of having my clients say, “I wish every author was like Jeff.”




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