Nice bank, nice bike

Disney's SunTrust Building
Until the Team Disney Building was built in 1991, the SunTrust building was Walt Disney World headquarters. Photo taken yesterday a few feet from the Hilton.


Keynote speaker
Nice Bike is a metaphor for making connections.


Nice bank, nice bike.

Yesterday’s (Day 41) Disney Leadership book writing took place at Disney’s SunTrust Building.

Only a few feet away, i walked through The Hilton at Walt Disney World’s convention center. Boxes of the book, Nice Bike, were being stacked for convention attendees.

It made me ponder the difference between the C25K running initiative to get folks off the couch to run their first 5k, and the contrast against the personal habits modification necessary to make running (or some aerobic activity) last a lifetime.

This led quickly to the business analogy:

Inspirational speaker creating a ripple effect lasting from days to weeks, and in rare occasions, months. A good shot in the arm, but it wears off. Eventually, it’s like nothing ever happened.

Catalytic speaker sharing cultural architecture to address – and solve for -root causes. One year, maybe two or three years later, the culture has made a dramatic leap, actually becoming the DNA of the company’s brand reputation.


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