In the past five years (which is reasonable), what have we done to move forward?

Jimi Hendrix quote on perseverance
Sometimes I’ve felt that way about the first book


In the past five years (which is a decent, reasonable time frame), what have we done to move forward?

The first book should be done by the time this Mid Life Celebration post goes live.

Can we sign a contract and 100 days later show up for sale on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble?

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  1. Found your book on Placed an order for me and three copies to share with friends and family. :-).

    We will have to meet up in WDW so you can sign my copy.


  2. Wow, Patty. Thank you. The final copy has not yet been fully approved. Hoping to be officially thankful by Christmas.

    You noticed that it said the book is on backorder? That’s because of this.

  3. Just finished reading the first sample pages and I loved it. Will be ordering when I get to work. Patty thanks for mentioning amazon.

  4. Donna, thank you for your enthusiasm.

    Please don’t be discouraged when you see it is ‘out of stock’.

    Believe it or not, still in the final approval stage before committing to starting the presses. 🙂

    Hopefully by Christmas.

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