How quickly we ride the high from success or accomplishment

Disney's Magic Band theme park admission device
Disney’s Magic Band theme park admission device


How quickly we ride the high from success or accomplishment, only to be brought quickly back to reality.

Probably going to lay low on the book progress. We will have to see. I do not like the uncomfortable sense of pride that comes with this milestone.

Perhaps that will change forever once the first purchased copy is in my hands.

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  1. Thank you Patty. It is joyous, and even more transformation to look back at the journey 100 days ago and experience it again, but entirely differently.

    A better different.

    A fearless different.

    A grateful different.

  2. You need to be patting yourself on the back yesterday, today, tomorrow and the next day, friend. The 100 day gap still confuses me, and try as I may, I just can’t figure out how to wrap my mind around the whole concept — time travel both intrigues and baffles me.

    Either way, I am so VERY proud of you for making this dream a reality that we can all hold in our cold little hands… 😀

  3. Natalie, thank you (again). And sorry for the confusion.

    One 14-hour travel day, to Alaska, was worried all the travel-hassle factors would come together and I’d miss a day, so I wrote 10 posts in a day before leaving instead of five.

    The next morning, in Alaska, had time I didn’t think would be there and wrote like normal. This created a surplus of an extra day’s posts.

    Other factors created a 30-day surplus over the course of the next year. And then one summer it was writers’s flood for 40 days and 40 nights.

    How it ever got to 100 days ahead is incomprehensible. Really. Freakish.

    It does one really important thing though because when traveling, I could never say in real time where I was – not wanting to advertise when I was away from home.

    It is as real time as it gets when it is written, photos and all.

    Congrats on your Blue Star Banner success and absolute best wishes for the brightest future ever.

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