He read the Kindle version of Mid Life Celebration last night

Mid Life Celebration Kindle version price
Mid Life Celebration price reduction to get into more hands.


He read the Kindle version of Mid Life Celebration last night, then sent this email:

I read the Kindle version last night. I actually was telling a co-worker about your book today and told her she needed to read it as well. I also asked my wife to read it. It’s easily digestible and has some very powerful ideas.

Early on in the book, I really connected with you, the author.

“I discovered, nearing the age 50, that when our young son started looking for the face of Jesus in the real world, I did not want him to have to look any further than across the dinner table.”

That was so awesome! This was just one among many other passages that were really resonated with me.

I am 38 years old now, and I can say I really got the purpose behind your book.

I rated it 5 stars on both Amazon and GoodReads.

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