Everything important takes longer than we think

Book manuscript submission form
When EXACTLY is capitalized, it’s common to be nervous


Everything important takes longer than we think. The three symbols between rethink • reprioritize • recommit are supposed to look like this •.

What was input (•) and what was saved is not EXACTLY as I would like it to appear on the cover.

Publishing agent out of the office unexpectedly yesterday, now the weekend. Three day delay, just like that.

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  1. The gift of time, 3 days tobe exact. What some would do to have have the blessing of a delay of three days. What would we do if given three unexpected days?

  2. Patty, your thought is a great reminder that perspective is the key. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

    To have nothing and feel rich is not impossible at all.

    Looking back on this publishing process, which began (officially) in ernest in early August, it was the (November) deadline and unclear expectations that created a stress and pressure I thought had been eradicated from daily living.

    It was a blessing from God to see how far I have come, and how far there is to go.

  3. Publishing and deadlines are totally stress filled. The carrot is before us and then via typo, it’s delayed or gone. Frustrating. But what if with this and all other setbacks we put that shoe on the other foot? It’s an ah-ha moment.

    Goodness reigns. God wastes nothing We just have to trust, accept and look.

  4. Patty, agreed. God wastes nothing.

    Had wanted today’s (pallet) delivery of books, originally targeted for a month ago, in time for me to sell directly to the public, and eliminating the middle-person.

    Huge opportunity was missed.

    Have let it go. (which was also a blessing in an unforeseen way)

    The remaining blessings far (infinitely?) out shadow anything lost.

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