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Big, epic failures are great catalysts

YuGiOh Tournament
Last weekend at YuGiOh Tournament. He inspired, and inspires, the prolific writing.


So yeah, it’s pretty insane.

And to be clear from a business perspective, this blog is unrelated to my speaking mission.

But seriously then, why blog so prolifically?

Well, i began blogging on April Fools Day 2009 as a 100-day self-imposed writer’s boot camp.

Driven by the realization that a book i had promised to write 30 years prior hadn’t had it’s first sentence written yet.


Big time.

Epic ouch.

The catalyst was driven by a fatherly desire to leave a trail for our son (then 8) in case something bad ever happened to me.

Shhh, here’s an epic secret. Prolific writing makes me a significantly different (and better, imho) speaker.

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