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Want To Be A Writer?

Or Star As A Great Role Model
Or Star As A Great Role Model

What are you going to give yourself today? Will it be 110%, or will it be another day of going through the motions?

What if your child’s teacher, on the very first week of “back to school”, gave your child a “going through the motions” effort?

Or maybe your physician?

Or your mechanic?

By jeff noel

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2 replies on “Want To Be A Writer?”

David, weird, I just found this. Apple had marked it as junk mail. Anyway, sorry for the delay.

Our Tribe could use a Sunday Guest Blogger at Body (Lane8), Spirit (, Money/Career (junglejeff) or HQ/day-to-day admin (

Just put your post in an word attachment (or equivalent) and email it say by Wed or Thur.

Thank you for volunteering.

Depending on your desire, you could become a regular on one blog or simply post randomly.

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