Want To Be A Writer?

Or Star As A Great Role Model
Or Star As A Great Role Model

What are you going to give yourself today? Will it be 110%, or will it be another day of going through the motions?

What if your child’s teacher, on the very first week of “back to school”, gave your child a “going through the motions” effort?

Or maybe your physician?

Or your mechanic?

By jeff noel

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  1. David, weird, I just found this. Apple had marked it as junk mail. Anyway, sorry for the delay.

    Our Tribe could use a Sunday Guest Blogger at Body (Lane8), Spirit (jeffnoel.org), Money/Career (junglejeff) or HQ/day-to-day admin (jeffnoel.com).

    Just put your post in an word attachment (or equivalent) and email it say by Wed or Thur.

    Thank you for volunteering.

    Depending on your desire, you could become a regular on one blog or simply post randomly.

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