Time and money, spend or save?

jeff noel's Macbook home screen with his five blogs displayed


(photo: each website/blog has a specific color, by design… an historical, little known piece of Midlife Celebration culture)

So much work getting these websites to a new place.

Hire someone?


What would you do?

Save time, spend money?

Save money, spend time?

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  1. Good answer Patty. My opinion here is really irrelevant but I spent most of my life DIY to save money and I learned that although you do save money you pay for it in progress. If you want to move forward towards the vision more rapidly then pay with money. If your vision will reward you with money, then move towards that as quickly as possible. What is the real goal? If your goal is not to be the expert in all things along the way, then leave it to the experts, keep control of your vision along the way and keep moving.

  2. Patty, there are many reasons to have a website look or do certain things.

    What seems more important, in the beginning anyway, is why does the website owner have a website.

    The obvious answer may not be the most accurate.

  3. Donna, you nail the ‘soar with your strengths’ concept.

    Some visions involve wanting to put a dent in the Universe.

    Money is either the goal or the reward.

    If it’s the goal, it’ll feel like work.

    If it’s the reward, it’ll feel like purpose, mission work, passion, fun, play, peace.

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