Regret sucks

Writing prolifically is fate, it seems. At least as of today, November 30, 2021. This post won’t publish until March 27, 2022. Writer’s flood in real time. PS. Have a wild vision of writing more than seven Disney business books…the vision involves a “library” of Disney business topics….a bookshelf full.

The first book started the unlikely prolific blogging.

A series of seven Disney Business books may eventually reach the finish line.

Who writes seven books simultaneously?

No one.

Especially someone who already writes two hours a day as a prolific blogger.

These books will be a professional life guide for a young man (a college Junior), in case something bad happens to his dad.

Note: No male in Jeff’s family has lived past 60. Jeff is the first. Jeff doesn’t need to write the books for business/financial reasons. Which begs the question, “Why tackle such a lofty, time-consuming project that doesn’t need to be done?” The simple answer, “Because his son benefits in a way that points to .think .differently

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