Real Life, In Real Time

Tomorrow, Next Year, No Guarantee
Tomorrow, Next Year, No Guarantee

Real life, in real time, copied word for word, just as Skip wrote it yesterday in the comments. These are exactly the reasons why we should seize the day. Here’s Skip:

Because you may not get the chance tomorrow.

Between Christmas and New Year of last year a good friend of mine (49 years old) experienced an Aortic Di-section (rare…aorta just splits open). Lucky for him people with him noticed immediately and got him medical attention which ultimately saved his life. My friend turned 50 in January and has a new outlook on life (he refocused) and his family.

His family also realizes that time is short and they need to pay attention to what really matters.

Two weeks ago on a Monday my friend’s wife found out she had a rare virus that attacks the heart. She passed away 3 days later.

They thought they had had their scare and were refocusing for the rest of thier lives only to have a second tragic reminder.

Please take the below comment seriously.

Because you may not get the chance tomorrow

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  1. Jeff and others, please forgive the length of this post. After reading Skip’s message, I am compelled to share my own story.

    In March 1987, I went out with friends to see the movie “Blind Date” starring Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger. It was opening weekend and even though I had just broken up with the girl I took to the movie, we were still friends. This was a Saturday night.

    About halfway through the movie, I started feeling some chest pains. My friend gave me some aspirin to take but it didn’t relieve the pain. It got worse and I got scared. Enough so that we went to the ER. The doctors ran tests and ended up giving me a GI cocktail . . . they thought it was indigestion.

    I go to church the next morning feeling like I had the flu. The symptoms returned Sunday evening and my mom called 9-1-1. Another trip to the ER and this time, they notice something different from the test results of the previous night. I had a virus. . . one that attacks the lining of the heart muscle and can mimic a heart attack in its symptoms. Fortunately, it was discovered in time and treated with medication.

    Advance the clock one year forward. It’s March 1988 and the singer Andy Gibb had just died. Cause of death? Myocarditis – an inflammation of the heart muscle due to a viral infection. Sound familiar? It wasn’t until this point that I learned what I had in common with Andy. My mom had kept my diagnosis secret from me fearing I would stress over it and compound the problem.

    My point is this . . . Men, especially fathers, don’t tough it out. Get an annual physical and if you don’t feel well in between, get it looked at. We are only granted so many days on this earth.

    And as Skip says, you may not get the chance tomorrow.

  2. David, this is a great conversation.
    Fear can be a great motivator.
    Not the fear of dying.
    The fear of not setting a good example.
    Men, you owe it to your loved ones.
    Which reminds me, I need to get my script (for colonoscopy) refreshed. It’s expired.

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