I continue to read your blogs for a few reasons

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The tagline and thesis. They are interchangeable and inseparable.


Recently received an unsolicited email…

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I continue to read your blogs for a few reasons:

1. Your blogs reinforce ideas I have had.

Example: A while ago (I don’t remember the date or blog) you wrote something along the lines of “If you have uncommon self-awareness, walk softly because it can be intimidating to others.” I feel this is synonymous with something else you wrote, “Demonstrate (invisibly) world-class habits that deliver world-class results.” I have always had ambitious goals, but my steps forward are humble and typically unnoticed by others, which is okay because at some point these steps will be.


2. Your blogs introduce ideas I’ve never thought of before.

Example: I believe one purpose I have in life is to help others live their dreams. I want to do this on an individual level (break old habits, teach new skills), and I also want to do this on a larger, organizational scale (increase customer satisfaction, employee job satisfaction, and productivity). You provide a lot of useful information on your blogs about organizational culture that I take notes on, such as thinking inside the box.


3. They are refreshing.

I have been reading hundreds of research journal articles this year, so I know that after 2pm I can take a short break from sifting through a bunch of crap and just read the good (honest) stuff.



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