Blogging batting average is 99.93175

Mid Life Celebration website in 2010
Slow and steady evolution (this was MLC two years ago)


What if we accepted a short term dare or bet – one that seemed impossible?

What if we blew it out of the water?

Then what?

Blogging batting average is 99.93175. After 1,464 consecutive writing days, I finally missed a day. Yesterday. The story about why is brief, and it’s here.

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  1. No.

    Over time, not only were the five written, but then something else happened…

    There were occasions when the writing kept going. Sometimes for 20 more minutes (average post time – most of it on thinking what to say, and more importantly, why).
    Sometimes for an hour. Sometimes, a half or whole day.

    On average, it takes one hour for three posts. An hour and 40 minutes of thinking and writing for all five.

    At 100 days ahead, there are 500 posts written on weekends, vacations, restless nights or long mornings – that are in the bank so to speak. No idea what that number would do for the batting average. 🙂

  2. Patty, interesting. 🙂

    This has never been about a streak, a batting average, or sheer volume, even though those things are easily identifiable. Now.

    The humblest of beginnings was simplely a desperate Father trying to be true to his promise to himself long ago.

  3. Oh the power of the little mustard seed. I’m delighted for you.

    And you are correct it’s never about the streak or batting average. It’s about something more.

  4. David, was wondering how long it would take ya to notice. 🙂

    Had three week checkup today. Doc said no restrictions. I’m good with that.

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