9 Blogging Milestones I Never Saw Coming

One day, years from now, this will look similar to yesterday's blog photo.

Nine blogging milestones I never saw coming:

  1. The simple act of daily blogging (a goal but perhaps unachievable).
  2. Writing five daily blogs instead of one (like normal people).
  3. Reaching the 100-day challenge goal to write all five daily blogs.
  4. Adding a photo with each post (humans are, after all, very visual).
  5. Adding easy, one-click hyperlinks on every post (to go to next blog).
  6. Shortening each post’s length (as a former boss said, “short & pithy”).
  7. Reaching the 3,000th post (Halloween 2010, scary).
  8. Reaching the 5,000th post (11.11.11).
  9. Writing 90-days ahead (Jan. 2012).

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