Yes, jeff noel condones Mistakes, But Not Irresponsibility

We question ourselves. We doubt ourselves. But then there are times when we’re on top of the world. The gap is what scares us the most. Not many people have figured out how to bridge the gap. I have found my way. It’s DNA comes from Disney.

Before I actively searched, and ultimately built the bridge, I was living irresponsibly. Shame on me. Hurray for me. Get it? Now you. Go.

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  1. We’re working on that bridge now.
    Some areas look good, but others could definitely use changes.
    Trying to think about what we could do differently.
    We’ve been blessed this year with a new job and a move to a safe peaceful area. But we’ve also been hit with 2 burglaries (old house) and, just recently, a minor case of identity theft.
    Every time we’ve been blessed, this year, we’ve been knocked down a bit.
    Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what was within our control or what we could have done to prevent it.

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