Leavin’, On A Jet Plane

Exit Row, Aisle = Common Folk 1st Clas
Exit Row, Aisle = Common Folk 1st Class

Don’t know when I’ll be back again….

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  1. Nope. Not yet.
    I frequently remind our son that in today’s economy, be thankful you have a job.
    Some of his classmates have parents who are out of work.
    While being separated isn’t an ideal way to raise a family, it could be worse, or far more challenging.
    You’ll often find references in these blogs about the sacrifice our troops and their families make.
    There is no room in our world for complaining about travel. 🙂

  2. There are ways to develop the habit of thankfulness.
    And like anything else, the more you practice (daily) the better you get.
    People often think I’m phony, because I smile so much.
    The simple fact is, I just feel so incredibly blessed (literally every moment of everyday) by all the gifts we’re given, especially the gift of life.
    Sounds trite, but it really is profound.

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