Feeling somewhere between coward and hypocrite?

Grown man pees pants in public as if nothing is wrong
Grown man pees pants in public as if nothing is wrong


Three people in the photo on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, taken a week ago, the first night of Mardi Gras.

Person on the left, crutches, pink cast on right foot.

Person on right is a street musician. His guitar case is off camera.

Center person. Drunk as a skunk. I’ve never seen a grown man in public pee in his pants. The stream of liquid from his shoes to the curb is urine.

Was too uncomfortable photographing his pants.

Was I supposed to offer help?

Feeling somewhere between coward and hypocrite?

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  1. Funny this post about a man whom urinated upon himself should come up now. For a few days ago I saw a clean causally dressed man at the big box store with obviously wet trousers. When he saw him I turned away offering him privacy for his uncomfortable situation. For my dad, a bladder cancer fighter, knows this loss of control is a real side effect from the treatments. And because of this refuses to venture out of the house. I said a prayer. And when I got home called my dad to let him know he’s not alone. He completely understood.

  2. Patty, and now there’s the thought that perhaps this man was homeless and fighting something hard, say bladder cancer, and to relieve his pain and suffering, he was following the only medical protocol he could afford.

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