When Midlife Celebration Gives It Away For Free, Does It Become Less valuable?

Midlife Celebration's 5,000+ Posts Have Always Been Free, All The Time

What’s the inherent value of something from Midlife Celebration if it’s free? Isn’t it generally assumed the more expensive it is, the more it’s worth?

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  1. Natalie, can’t imagine it ever being less valuable. All work that is done, paid or unpaid, is a gift to those who benefit from the effort.

  2. Who says that value or expense has to be associated with money?
    If the economy were to catastrophically crash, a skill could be worth a lot more than money. That crate of gold bullion in my basement (just so you know, I have no basement) is going to get me nothing. What could someone else do with it?
    I guess an expense could be anything that you give away.
    Imagine how a society would function if transactions were only made or donations were only given with something someone possessed. How’s that for balancing a budget?
    How does your life look as a budget?

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