This claim is not socially acceptable

Siri elevation inquiry
A mile high and surrounded by mountains.


Glacier National Park eastern perimeter
Glacier National Park Eastern perimeter, driving North to St Mary, and then West to Logan Pass.


Not gonna lie.

Feeling tinges of guilt for wanting to spend as much of Summer 2018 in Glacier as i can.

Feeling anxiety for the audacious goal of living my life as if i had only ten years left.


Because there are less than 18 months for the “deadline”.

(Remember, i made this visionary statement six months before my 50th birthday, when i officially incorporated my business on January 1, 2009)

To arbitrarily call Summer 2018 my last is socially not acceptable.

No one is running up to me reassuring me i’m on to something extraordinary, brave, and inspiring.



PS. My “deadline” is June 8, 2019 – my 60th birthday – and therefore Summer 2019 is not an option.

PSS. Obviously, life may grant many more years and Summers. And yet there’s the remote possibility – for any of us – we won’t see this Summer.

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