The First Day Of Summer Vacation

So Much Beer, So Little Time
So Much Beer, So Little Time

The first day of my summer vacation, I went downtown, to look for a job.

The second day of my summer vacation, I went downtown, to look for a job.

This classic piece from Cheech & Chong’s 1972 Big Bambu popped into my mind a week or so ago, and I posted it on Facebook.

Some friends wondered why I was looking for a job, because I’ve been with the same world-class organization for 27 years.

It got me wondering if you are looking for a job, even if you already have one you love?

While I was simply playing around, truth is – while you already have a job is exactly the best time to be looking for your next one.

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  1. I say that by looking for another job while you already have one, you might be more challenged to do a better job in your current position. And in turn, you might become that linchpin your company cannot afford to be without.

    Thank you Seth Godin.

  2. Craig and David, thanks for your comments.

    About five years ago, there was an epiphany while teaching, that had me update my resume, which hadn’t been touched in over a decade.

    How can a professional person have a ten-year old resume? That’s completely unacceptable – like living with your head in the sand.

    Much toil and effort yielded a darn fine two-pager.

    And about two years ago, another epiphany appeared.

    Social media is the new resume…

  3. Craig, you have two profile that look interesting. Thanks for sharing your links. At the end of the day (figure of speech), I get done what I can.

    The rest will have to wait. I have no guilt for not doing it all. None.

    Desire, yes.

    Guilt, no.

  4. Get done what you can?
    Sounds like 5 blogs is even more than that! Yet you do them and more! =)

    Also, a disclaimer – wasn’t trying to pat my back with the two links (self-critiquing). Just showing the cool resources. =)

  5. Craig, no worries, mate. It’s all good.

    Keep sharing. We call that benchmarking where I’m from. 🙂

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