The day our music died…

personal journaling
personal journaling is the best tool for self awareness


The day our music died… on a brisk morning run 30 minutes ago, it hit me… what if I quit blogging and you came here only to find the daily blogging had stopped.


This month I’m inviting the Mid Life Celebration community to follow all five daily blogs about work life balance. It couldn’t be easier to go from this HQ blog to the mental attitude blog , just click -> go to Next Blog


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  1. I’d post an email and ask what is wrong? With hope that all would be well.

    As a blogger I think about stopping some times. But then I ask myself why? At some point it will be the correct action to take.

  2. As a blogger (aka writer), you know the therapeutic value of publicly shipping thoughts. You also understand the discipline. The hope. The giving.

    There’s part of me, now that I’ve tasted daily writing, that doesn’t think it would be possible to live fully alive without daily writing.

    Same goes for daily prayer. For daily focus on health. For daily service to others.

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