Unique And Unusual Gift?
Unique And Unusual Gift?

Something is happening.  Can’t put a finger on it.  It’s weird.

Things like this ever happen to you?  Probably.

When good things happen, it’s my human nature to downplay our good fortune.

I was watching Lee, the American Idol finalist. As the judges showered him with praise, you could see in his eyes that he was humbled beyond belief.

He went from a store clerk to a future million-seller recording artist.  In his mind, this is impossible. He feels undeserving.  Unworthy.

Except for one thing.

God has graced him with a gift, as God does with all of us.  It’s just that now Lee is crystal clear what it is.

And you?

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I know coming from a very simple background that I was raised to be gracious when complimented. But in the process, don’t draw any additional attention toward yourself and be concerned of why someone is sending compliments your way. The result is that I have had grown up with a hard time taking compliments and learned how to spin it toward someone else. It is hard for me to just say, “Thank you,” and accept a compliment for what it’s worth.

    So for me, it is human nature to instinctively do that. And the fear is this – if I don’t, I might appear arrogant or prideful. But a friend once told me, “You know, maybe it is even more prideful to be this way, because you are basically saying you are too good to take the compliment.” I never thought of it that way. In my attempt to not appear prideful, what I thought was “pius humility” had presented itself as a prideful thing in my own life.

    It is a tightrope we walk in this world – while we stand humbly before the Lord.


  2. Great thought Bob. It’s sort of like, “Darned if you do, darned if you don’t”.
    What prompted the post was, well you know what, as I write this comment, I still need to write a post. Let me respond to your comment with today’s post.
    How’s that for real time blogging? Sort of like a reality show… 🙂

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