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Escape Or Opportunity?
Escape Or Opportunity?

People who love what they do are rare in today’s tough economic times. Even in good times, it’s still elusive to have a job you absolutely love to do.

Being the curious creature I am, I asked the middle-age man sitting next to me in first class, “Do you ever think about retirement?”

Everyday!!, he exclaimed without hesitation.

He sounded like he couldn’t wait to leave. Me? Well, I shudder at the thought of leaving. Crazy, huh?

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  1. Jeff,

    But it is a two-edged sword that impacts your thoughts, and the thoughts of most everyone who is nearing retirement. On the one side, your circumstances or work environment definitely can set the tone of how you could long to leave. But on the other side, there is your reaction to the circumstances. The attitude of the man you were traveling with was probably based on the idea that both sides were in agreement – not in a great work environment and allowing himself to be miserable in the circumstances.

    The big thing is that oftentimes, the circumstance can’t be changed, especially in this economy when people are happy to have any job. But how you respond to that circumstance – that is something you can control.

    Oh, and then there are those who are in a great work environment AND they respond to it by loving it! Like you said – that’s rare indeed.

    Spot on, Jeff, spot on!


  2. What if you love your job, and the future is waiting and the clock is ticking and you can see a more compelling task ahead?


    But you worry that you can’t wait 3.7 more years to retire and get benefits, because (fill in the blank) _________ ?

  3. Well, like a teacher friend of mine said upon her retirement after 42 years (30 years was all she had to do to retire): “The Bible says to be content in whatever circumstances, so I have chosen to be content for 42 years. Now my husband and I are looking to be content somewhere else!”

  4. Great insight Bob.
    Ever wonder what the world would be like if Mother Teresa would have never left her teaching job? Or if Rosa Parks would have never sat down, and refused to get up?

  5. Great point – what if people did what was just expected of them…and never bucked the norm? I dare say that Walt Disney would never have done what he did either!

  6. Bob, it’s could be life’s most difficult paradox.
    Dream big and take the risk.
    Or keep it simple and avoid the pressure and stress.

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