Happiest Of New Year’s To You And Best Wishes For 2012!

New Year's Eve 2011, at The Fresh Market.

Happy New Year. A late start to the daily blogging here at Mid Life Celebration. The final look at the clock last night, it was 11:51pm. Fell asleep just before the apple dropped at Times Square.

Um, yes, I do know it’s April Fool’s Day 2012 as you read this. And um, you do know it’s January 1, 2012 (90 days ago) as I type this post. Right?

Life is an experiment. You are experimenting this year aren’t you? Please tell me the dreams you are thinking today (Jan. 1) are still alive today (Apr. 1).

PS. That last sentence was weird to write. This is going to be an interesting January (or April). I’m already a little confused how this will work out.

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  1. I had no idea that you pre-write your blogs or maybe it’s all just April Fool’s! On January 1st, I was dreaming of running my first 5K race and TODAY is the DAY! Thanks, Jeff, for all of your encouragement!

  2. Natalie, I don’t pre-write the blogs. Not in three years and 5k+ posts. But this is an experiment who’s time has come.

    Best wishes for a safe and fun first-ever 5k. The first of perhaps a lifetime of safe and fun activities.

  3. This is one I was keeping close to the vest in case it failed. 2012 is the year I say goodbye to one of my doctors. He’s not retiring (that I know of). I’m taking control of my health so I do not depend on him for another pill, a stronger dose, or another diagnosis. So far, so good.

    I want to look at food and exercise for the things my body needs to heal itself. Medicine has a place too. . . When I’m doing the other things right and still have a need, it’s there. But not as an excuse to neglect my body, spirit and mind.

  4. David, after writing for myself (and Family), the next most important reason is to help create an online culture where people have these transformational life-redirects that you just described.

    It’s mission work that God has entrusted me with.

    You should feel incredibly empowered to use each day you are given to get just a little bit stronger (and more convinced and determined). You are becoming an ever greater role model than you ever thought possible.

  5. Thank you, jeff. I cannot begin to describe how that just warmed my heart. Okay, I guess I did a little. 🙂

  6. David, thanks so much — I’m thinking my next event will be the MS walk along the lakefront in Chicago. I feel like doing a fundraiser next instead of a race — actually MS walk would be perfect as I have that diagnosis on a doctor’s chart somewhere…

    And all the best to you for taking charge of your health. Nutrition and exercise are POWERFUL tools to good health. Of course, when they gave me the MS diagnosis, they also wanted to prescribe to me a lifetime sentence to daily steroid shots. I have always felt that God would do me more good than lifetime meds.

    Medicine is important for many people, but I feel strongly that it has to be a personal and individual decision. Way to take charge, David!

  7. Sounds sappy, but God is the best medicine – faith, hope, love.
    Please don’t get me wrong, God created smart humans to discover cures, and aid the afflicted. Somewhere in there is the right answer.

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