Dog Or Cat Person?

Isn't It Obvious?
Isn't It Obvious?

Are you a dog person or a cat person?


Dogs require a master. ย Cats require a staff.

Happy Labor Day.

By jeff noel

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  1. I am a cat lover. WHY??….. I believe it was conditioned thinking. I grew up with cats. At present, I own neither. I am done for now. I did prefer the freedom of being able to leave and not have to worry about rushing home to let the cat out. But they are truly not mans best friend, so there are trade-offs.

  2. Had one dog growing up. Have had numerous cats. I enjoy cats more. I guess it’s what I’m used to. I guess I enjoy a part of the staff.

  3. I was 6 or 7. Her name was Princess. I think she was a beagle. Unfortunately it ended tragically for us. The puppy was run over in our driveway.

  4. David, I am so sorry to hear this. Can’t even imagine.
    It seems the two hardest things I’ve ever done were taking Luther (1999) and Carter (2010) to the vet for their last breath.
    Pets (Cats included) can become a very real member of the Family, as important emotionally as any human in the unit.

  5. We visited The Florida Aquarium last week and saw a bunch of jellies.

    Fascinating creatures. Surely they make great pets. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Jeff,

    Growing up, my parents got a dog when I was born so my 3 older brothers would have “something to play with” instead of messing with the baby. Strangely enough though, Fifi, our mixed terrier/poodle that looked like a black-and-white Benji, became my dog once I got old enough. Everywhere I went, she was there with me. Like you, we had to take her to the Vet for her last breath at 13 years old. I was crushed. So for me, that dog-master relationship was friend-friend, and I never found that kind of relationship with a cat.

    Now, we have had Casper for 8 years…since he was born. He’s a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Black Sharpei. Odd looking dog, but he thinks I hung the moon. I don’t think I could get a similar response out of a cat.


  7. Bob, good morning. Hope you, and Casper, had a great weekend. Yeah, Cats are interesting creatures. Ever heard of a seeing-eye Cat, or a sheep-Cat?

  8. Definitely a dog person. Unfortunately, not a very good one, though.

    I’ve had 4 dogs in my lifetime: Jaime was the family’s sheepdog. She joined the family before I was born. She was great with us kids and was larger than life for me. When she was 13 (I was maybe 10 or so) she ran away. Never did find her. But, we really believed she did it to make it easier on us. She was a guardian and a friend.
    Buffy was our rescued poodle. My parents brought him home a few years after Jaime ran away. Loving dog, but had a knack for never being completely house-trained. Some times were better than others. Unfortunately, his life ended probably later than it should have. His sight was going, as well as his body and we should have probably taken him to the vet for his last breath. We found him drowned in our pond.
    Nikki was Meg’s family’s dog and came with the house, when we bought it from them. She was a golden retriever/border collie/chow mix. Very smart dog, very loving. Unfortunately, as newly-weds, Meg and I were gone too much for Nikki’s good. She became lonely. She ended up becoming very grumpy, as she aged. We sent her to live with other family, as she was no good with prodding kids.
    Couper was (doesn’t feel good saying was) our dog, until 1.5 weeks ago. He’s a gorgeous brown & black mini-dach. His energy is off the charts, but his attention span is not. He’s great with the kids. But, his aspirations to explore the world were more than we could handle. Even when tied up in the backyard, he’d find his way outside of our fence. So, he now lives with my sister’s in-laws, who have other dachs and a large yard. Fortunately, the kids have handled it well and I believe that Couper’s much happier with other friends.
    Sorry to be a downer. Guess that just my canine story.
    It’s great to hear all of yours!

  9. And the meek shall inherit the earth.
    Your humility in sharing your story is inspiring.
    There is great honor in the truth, even if it is painful.
    Look at what truth Jesus endured.
    Hang in there Craig. Your heart is the size of the Ohio State stadium, maybe bigger.
    Rest comfortably in that.

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