Do you pack in advance or the morning you depart?

The summer camp Scouting staff kept their fire burning to the very last night of the seventh and final week…

Boy Scout campfires

Do you pack in advance or the morning you depart? While the context is traveling on earth, it’s also a reality check for death. On the way to Brooklyn, New York to do mission work – work that matters and makes a difference to others.

Boomers, got big plans today?

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  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for the encouragement and reminders. I have been preparing this morning for the devotional for my son’s Upward Basketball practice this Thursday night. I have less than 10 minutes to make an eternal impact on Thursday with eight 4th and 5th graders. I could either pull something together as I walk in the door (with an attitude of “after all, I just have to get through 10 minutes – what will they ever remember?”), or I could pray and prepare now, knowing that what is said could make a lasting impact to at least one of the boys.

    Your blog reminded me how much the preparation matters for things that matter! Thanks!


  2. Bob, if it were me, I’d map it out on paper. And read (or memorize) the first sentences… and the last. I’d also involve some sort of activity. And ask a compelling question(s). And insert humor at some point(s). And do something (shocking) unexpected.

    After doing that, and maybe a few more things, I’d then start to edit and take out what isn’t necessary.

    But that’s just me. Good luck. You’ll be awesome.

  3. Jeff,

    We do think alike…I had a similar layout to what you were saying. Thanks for the encouragement!!


  4. Bob, you’re welcome. And always remember it would be easier to not volunteer to do a 10-minute speech. Kudos to you for stepping up.

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