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Church, please, help us.

Church, are you behaving in a respectful, neighborly, inclusive way?

The noise level from the February 19, 2022 (yesterday) wedding reception was off-the-charts. The event was held outside in the Church Porte-Cochere area.

Do you know that just a 3dB increase in volume doubles the volume?

Now imagine going from 60dB to 100+dB.

It becomes residential noise pollution that defies logic, understanding, and practicality.

As wedding receptions go, sound volume was typical. So loud you have to shout ear to ear to be heard.

However, outside, surrounded by residential neighborhoods on all sides, totally disrespectful. By anyone’s standards, totally unacceptable noise levels.

Just checking for clarity, no one is above the law, right?

Note: This post (every post) is me writing to me, with the purpose of leaving a trail for our Son in case i’m not around (on the planet) and he has questions he wants to ask me directly. For example, “Hey dad, how do you handle community conflict or difference of opinion on what seems to be blatantly, and chronically, inappropriate behavior?”

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