Best Day Of Your Life?

Happy Friday everyone. For many of you, it’s the end of the week. Others, myself included, will be working through the weekend and into the next week. It is what it is and we are thankful to have a job, right?

As people go through their daily motions, we often hear or say, “How are you?”

For years I would respond, “Best day of my life!”

So this morning, in Seattle, I’m wondering why I stopped.

And it hit me, I didn’t.

What you say, and what you don’t say to yourself, really does make a difference in your attitude. You know it does.

By jeff noel

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  1. When customers come in, I greet them and ask how they are doing. They usually reply by asking me how I’m doing. I tell them I’m having a GREAT day. I gauge their reaction and it is usually an abrupt, positive change. The attitude is contagious!

    I hear Seattle has a monorail kind of like your home town!

  2. I made a decision years ago to choose to have a great day every day.

    To remind myself I answer “How are you doing?” the same way every time. “Fantastic! How about you?”

    It is amazing how many fantastic days I have.

    One of my past leaders, Martin, did me one better, though.

    His answer is “Great. But I’m hoping it’ll get better.”

    If he asks you first and you’re doing good or just OK he says “I’m sorry to hear that. I’m doing great, but I’m hoping it’ll get better.”

    I had a lot of great days reporting to Martin.

  3. Love it Mike.
    You are a lucky person to have had a leader like Martin. And Martin was lucky to have had an appreciative audience.

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