You can and can’t measure some things

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Golds Gym new app doesn’t accept my email address – says it doesn’t exist. Verified it does at Golds yesterday.


Orlando Keynote speaker
Apps are great when they work. But sometimes they’re glitchy.


Orlando Keynote speaker
The big picture is that the app makes life better and is worth some minor hassle.


Orlando Keynote speaker
This app tracks how many words i write each week. i am not a grammar master. You don’t have to master grammar to be a writer.


Orlando Keynote speaker
Funny how 18k words now seem low for 7 days worth of writing.


Are you aware there are things that can be measured that don’t matter and there are things that matter that can’t be measured?

i can measure when an app doesn’t work, but it’s hard to measure how much better the app (when it’s working, which is most of the time) makes my life when it’s working.

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