What clients have you worked with?  Answer here.

What is different about what you do?  Answer here.

Where can i find your vision, mission, brand, customer, values, quality standards, and behavioral guidelines?  Answer here.

Why don’t you have speaking videos?  Answer here.

Why did you leave (retire from) Disney?  Answer here.

What title and tagline should we use in our promotional materials?  Answer here.

What are your audio-visual requirements?  Answer here.

Do you have a photo and speaker intro you’d like us to use?  Yes, here.

Why do you always use lower case when spelling your name and using “i”?  Answer here.

What’s something few people know about you?  Answer here.

Where did you learn your signature speaking style?  Answer here.

It’s true you never planned to speak about Disney after retirement, so why are you now?  Answer is here.

Can you please share again how you are different from the sea of other Speakers and Consultants in the marketplace? Answer here.

How about some photos?  Sure, here.

Do you have a Blog?  Answer here.

There’s a rumor that you offer a unique entrepreneurial opportunity for the right person. Is this true? Yes, answer here.


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