When and when not

Lots of photos of Mickey Mouse on the Internet. Lots of photos of Walt Disney too. Same with Bob Iger.

Why companies fail to innovate: tradition. It generates friction.

Bob Iger (excerpt)

Bob’s quote is in response to his big gamble with Disney +

i consistently and continuously gamble. For example…

Going paperless.

Abandoning the computer mouse.

Wearing merino wool clothing – clothing worn for weeks before needing a wash.

Giving up keynote speech slides.

Using a speaker agent – agents add 25% to your fees.

Retiring from Disney to start my business.

Traveling without a laptop – only using a computer that fits in a pocket (iPhone).

An endless list of doing uncomfortable and or risky things.

Tradition is both timely and timeless.

There are things that should change (timely) and things that shouldn’t change (timeless).

The tactics (above) were changed.

The strategy (my unspoken value) to continuously improve will never change.

The random list of changes listed here are all endeavoring to allow me to become more organized – managing time and effort to simplify and excel at my priorities.

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