We employ the cocktail-size weenie trick

Disney Institute Keynote Speaker
Bob Iger took over for Michael Eisner in 2005, when Michael retired after serving as our CEO for 21 years. Bob was to retire in 2015 when his 10-year contract concluded. He’s (still) our CEO through July 2019.


We employ the cocktail-size weenie trick.

Walt could get his dog to do just about any trick – including tricks it didn’t want to do – for one of those small cocktail sized hot dogs that come in a can.

We affectionally call Cinderella Castle a weenie.

Our Guests don’t particularly want to keep moving down Main Street USA, but we really need to keep the Guest flow moving.

Main Street USA is a huge bottleneck.

A classic traffic jam creator.

But you’ll literally never experience Cast Members shouting and directing our Guests to “keep it moving folks”.



The Castle acts like a weenie to get our Guests to do something they don’t want to do – keep moving.

Cinderella Castle beckons our Guests to come closer – there’s more Magic up ahead.


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