Two inspired mistakes that turned out to be winners

Hurricane Matthew map
2am – restless night.


Hurricane Matthew map
5am – watching for the slightest turn(s) to the west.


Two inspired (and one uninspired) mistakes that turned out to be winners.

  1. Used a prototype laptop (iPhone 7 Plus) for the very first time in 17 years of full-time speaking. This potential (yet inspired) mistake included using a prototype slide clicker (iPhone 7).
  2. Changed my necktie three times the first day, to coincide with three significant content topic changes. This didn’t qualify as an inspired mistake, but i did enjoy doing it for the first time ever.
  3. Wore jeans and running shoes for the first time. Steve Jobs inspired that one.

Why were these firsts?

The iPhone’s capabilities have improved compared to when i was at Disney.

Disney has an intentional set of dress code standards and i followed the Disney standards for the first two years being out on my own.

Until this week.

i love preaching what i practice.

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