The chain’s assumption is positive from left to right

Walt Disney World's Team Disney Building
You know the song…


Walt Disney World's Team Disney Building
Everyone knows the song.


This is so second nature to Disney Institute, yet it is so astonishing to literally every single organization i encountered from 1999-2014.


The Chain of Business Excellence is a chain reaction moving left to right.


Leaders –> Employees –> Customers –> Reputation –> Improvement


Leaders drive your internal service culture which drives your employee’s experience


Employees drive your external service culture which drives your customer’s experience


Customers drive intent to definitely return and definitely recommend


Reputation (Brand) drives growth


Improvement (Innovation) drives profitability


In the mid-1990’s Disney Parks Chairman Judson Green proved with hard data that great leadership and great business results are inextricably linked. From Judson’s vision of Performance Excellence, we added a 10th and 11th step to Harvard’s original.


Harvard’s Service-Profit Chain was the genesis for creating my own version above.




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