Say it a thousand times, each one like it’s the first

Disney Creativity Keynote Speakers
Read the final two sentences above and then scroll down for the close up of the “PS message”.


Disney Creativity Keynote Speakers
Straight out of the Jungle Cruise script i learned in 1982.


Disney Creativity Keynote Speakers
We enjoyed the Kungaloosh.


Disney Creativity Keynote Speakers
The Elephant bathing grounds.


Disney Creativity Keynote Speakers
So corny. Playing off the infamous “backside of water” during the second pass at Schweitzer Falls..


Disney Creativity Keynote Speakers
It was my duty to say this a thousands of times, and have each time sound like the first.


Say it a thousand times, each one like it’s the first.

It’s the story’s details that make every Cast Member’s work performance so critical. Anything less than your best each time detracts from the storyline.




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