rethink, reprioritize, recommit your Creativity and Innovation beliefs

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Quote from TV screen saver. So yes, getting these seven Disney Business Books done by July 1, 2021 is motivationally urgent.
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Disney Institute class learning list. To which Jungle Jeff says, yes, and…
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Heading home, passing Art of Disney.

rethink, reprioritize, recommit your Creativity and Innovation beliefs

Where do we begin when we are fed up with the past and dissatisfied with our inability to break through the everyday creativity grind?

Cliche, but what about keeping it simple?

The ultimate sophistication is simplicity.

What’s first?

Three steps.

In prioritized order:

  1. rethink
  2. reprioritize
  3. recommit

Great leaders never underestimate the power of being clear, concise, and compelling.

Life and work are too complex to try to lead without clarity around the most important issues.

Life and work are too complicated to achieve organizational vibrancy without irrefutable priorities.

Life and work are too intense to ever show up without world-class Creativity and Innovation commitment.

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