Organized for firsts?

Going to the sun road open 2016
The 50-mile long Going-To-The-Sun Road opened two days ago, June 17, 2016. Family visit in 40 days.



Find a million ways to stay motivated.


It spontaneously came out of my mouth one day while answering a Disney Institute class participant’s question that went something like this:

“But Jeff, you don’t understand, our business is way different from Disney. What would you recommend we do to create our own industry specific Magic?”

I repeat:


Find a million ways to stay motivated.


One way (of the million ways) is to have fun with it. i have a small (but growing) list of firsts i keep track of:


  • First freeze of the season (a rare occasion, one worth noting, often damaging sub-tropical plants)
  • First morning hearing a Robin singing  (our unofficial start of Winter)
  • First morning the temperature reaches at least 70 degrees (our unofficial start of Spring)
  • First morning the temperature dips below 70 degrees (our unofficial start of Fall)
  • First day i see the caladiums break through the soil (another unofficial start to Spring)
  • And two days ago, a new “first” was added – The first day Going-To-The-Sun Road opens (someday be there when it happens)


Find a millions ways is not a theory.





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