Disney’s Continuous Improvement Process

Disney stroller process
This cardboard placard was a Cast Member idea.


Disney stroller process
The plastic sleeve was also a Cast Member idea.


Disney stroller process
See how the two compliment each other.


Disney stroller process
At any train Station, simply remove the cardboard placard and leave the stroller behind. Pick any empty stroller at your next stop.


Disney's Continuous Improvement Process
Plenty of parking for empty strollers for arriving Guests.


Sharing is taken for granted because we think our issue and solution only applies to our line of business.

The Painters at Central Shops created a propellor-like drill bit to allow for faster and better paint mixing of large quantities of product.

The Chefs at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort saw what the painters did and adapted the same process for mixing large quantities of salad dressings, soups, and sauces.




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