Disney Creativity & Innovation summary

Disney Creativity & Innovation summary:


Creativity and Innovation:

Creative ideas are worthless without the cultural wherewithal to implement them. So how do you keep creativity from dying a slow death so that it can continue to motivate employees and drive profitability?

Program Overview:

Generate Ideas | Select | Implement | Leader’s Role


People are always telling you to “think outside the box.” But what if you looked inside the box you already have? The box right in front of you? That big, beautiful, box of what feels like broken and mismanaged pieces of your business? And what if you ignored “going the extra mile,” and focused on something better? A mile big? What if you focused on something small – one small step? When you switch your focus from the “big idea” to small changes, a few amazing things start to happen: your team experiences progress; progress fuels happiness and trust; trust fuels inspiration; and inspiration starts the entire circle again – small change, big results. And these small changes shouldn’t come from outside sources (outside the box). They are found in the untapped creativity already inside your existing staff – everyone from maintenance to the CEO. So why go outside that box? Start thinking inside-the-box.




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