Are you an artist?


Are you an artist?

Some of us have a quick, definitive answer.

Others aren’t sure. Here are the simple criteria to tell.

An artist does one (or both) of these things:

  1. Does the same thing others do, but better.
  2. Does the same thing others do, but differently.

Artists do it better or differently (and in rare cases, both).

Most of us will never be “better.”

Yet there is absolutely nothing stopping any of us from being different.


Nothing except doubt and fear.

Doing it differently is not the same as being better. Differently is wide open. There are no rules, no boundaries.

It can be as laser-focused as this – we can become an artist simply by the (different) way we slay doubt and fear.

It can be as simple as writing five blogs a day instead of one.


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By jeff noel

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