.different (reprise)

The cultural architecture a company can get from me (and only me) is a different (and better) approach than what you can experience through other world class consulting organizations.

And it will be far less costly.

And exponentially more valuable to your organization.

Organizational Vibrancy, or going from good to great, addresses SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats):

  1. It accentuates your strengths, in your pursuit of becoming a category of one.
  2. It dramatically strengthens your weaknesses, potentially eliminating them.
  3. It provides a battle cry for untapped or impossible opportunities to become windfalls for leadership excellence, employee engagement, customer service, brand loyalty (aka financial results) and creativity.
  4. The best defense against threats is a great offense. A culture by design is the only solution that will stick. For good.

You’ve never heard another consultant share this insight:

The secret at Disney is an organizational culture that all employees believe is worth defending.

This insight is context neutral, meaning it transcends industry differences. It will work anywhere.



The greatest companies are those that have learned to over manage the same things that others under manage or ignore. It’s about being exceptionally intentional.

My architecture is the blueprint.

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