Q. What is different about what you do?

My job is to (nicely) rattle the cage of everyone in the room. If they walk out thinking the same way they did when they entered, we didn’t need to have the meeting.

A. i’ve dedicated my life to dissecting and discerning the heart and soul of Disney’s front line operational success secrets.

You will never hear another speaker anywhere in the world who crystallizes the insights in such a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

The secret sauce?

Combining epiphanies with the ability to deliver these Disney secrets in an engaging, energizing, and transformationally inspiring way using my three tools of the trade:

Questions  •  Paradox  •  Common Sense

No one reads an audience better or knows how to consistently energize an audience. This is the result of 19 continuous years speaking full-time to over one-million people globally.

A bold statement, yet no one brings the depth and breadth of Disney understanding from an operational-architecture standpoint.

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