Corporate Vision, Mission, Brand, Customer, Values

Vision (to be): A transformation catalyst

Mission (to do): Speeches and advising for organizations that want to change the world  – use 30 years of Disney & Disney Institute experience to architect organizational vibrancy for others

Brand (to feel): Hope

Customer (for whom): Presidents, CEO’s, and Board of Directors for world class organizations

Values (internal, not publicly shared, except here): Honesty, Behave Admirably, Personal Responsibility, Self-control, Initiative, Fun

Quality Standards (prioritized decision making matrix based on my non-negotiable, what i’m famous for, and my greatest business need): Safety, Service, Simplicity

Behavioral guidelines: Make eye contact and smile, greet and welcome every Guest, seek out Guest contact, provide immediate service recovery, display appropriate body language, preserve the Magical Guest experience, thank each and every Guest.

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