It’s personal and it’s business

Today’s posts are literally a brainstorming sessions to address the obstacles that are inhibiting a yes vote from a client’s executive team. They collectively believe that they need a team to help them. i submit that is flawed thinking.



  • Use this as an inventory or checklist (you need them all)
  • Cardio – heart rate, breathing, 3 x 30min, activity you love
  • Strength – large muscle groups, 2-3 x week, convenient location
  • Flexibility – exceptional range of motion
  • Core – the heart of wellness
  • Rest – consistently getting your ideal sleep hours, habits in check
  • Nutrition – balanced, nutritious, vibrant
  • Goals – critical success factor


  • Use this as an inventory or checklist (you need them all)
  • You have defined your “box”
  • 1. Vision – what your organization wants to be
  • 2. Mission – what you need to do to be that
  • 3. Brand – what you want your customers to feel
  • 4. Customer – clearly articulated
  • Culture operationalized by design – integrating all 4 HR processes
  • 4 HR processes: Hire, Train, Inspire, Value
  • 4 key culture tools have optimized asset library
  • The Service Bullseye – every employee crystal clear
  • Unifying goal – every employee crystal clear
  • 360 tool is organizational normalcy – deeply ingrained habit for all
  • Corporate decision making matrix
  • Delivery systems and process mapping
  • Your promise
  • Delivering your strengths at every touchpoint – corporate strengths identified
  • Corporate Continuous Improvement Process
  • Idea generation culture – structured processes
  • Idea implementation – structured processes
  • Leaders are environmentalists




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