Based on what happened today, “I will…”

classroom activities
Duckburg closeup.


classroom activities
Lots of heartfelt promises to make Leadership culture stronger and more vibrant.


classroom activites
Each day we concluded with a reflection activity…Based on what happened today, “I will”…


classroom activities
Classroom activity closeup – “I Will…”


Disney Institute Facilitiators
One of my final Disney Institute engagements during October 2014 was with Mark Matheis (Disney history expert) and Chevrolet. Photo; Taken while we waited for our class to return from a self-guided business tour of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


The past few weeks i’ve been working on 2019 engagements and a couple for this Fall.

This post was inspired by me reflecting on the body of work i did at Disney Institute:

  • spoke to over one-million people
  • engaged with 2,000 different organizations
  • received distinctive Disney recognition
  • quietly pioneered compelling questions
  • tenaciously pursued and exploited undiscovered paradoxes
  • created game-changing, simple, key, repeatable message points

Driven like Walt.

How can you not be driven like Walt and still call yourself a Disney Cast Member.


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