With A Gazillion Blogs Out There, Why Would Anyone Want To Read Yours?

This is just one newspaper, blog numbers start to grow astronomically

The blog numbers are staggering. The distractions distracting. The intent, noble. The reality, most blogs are unfound by the masses.

If your goal is to be found, good luck to you. If you blog simply for the way it transforms your thinking and shapes your day, your outlook, your faith, your hope, and yes, even your love, don’t  stop. That’s why I do it. And the reason I can’t stop.

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What I Love About Passion And Commitment Is That It’s Unmistakable

Passion Has Many Faces, But The Same Smile

Passion has many faces, but the same smile. This Skating shop is just down the street from yesterday’s Bingo Supply shop. Maybe that’s what makes people laugh at another’s passion. The fact that it is so blatently unmistakable. I love it! Go ahead, make us laugh…what’s your crazy passion?

Mine? Thinking. 🙂

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Have Fun Today And Pay Attention. It’ll Increase Your Odds

An ordinary, routine lunch at a midwest golf course
Just a bunch of local announcements... most people don't pay attention
You can observe a lot by watching

Was on the road recently, and needed to use the restroom to wash my hands before lunch. I’m telling’ ya, I can’t make this stuff up. Real life in real time.

Have fun today. Pay attention. It’ll increase your odds.

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